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How Brett proposed:

“We love seeing live music so we flew out to San Diego in March to see our favorite artist (Gary Clark Jr.). As soon as we landed in Cali, we drove straight to La Jolla to see the Pacific Ocean. As I’m looking at the beautiful ocean, I turned around and see Brett down on one knee holding a box with a ring inside… instantly I noticed it was my great grandmother’s ring but the diamond was missing! At this point I’m super surprised and confused at what’s going on because Brett hasn’t said a word (because he is so nervous) and is just smiling at me! Then he realizes that he had put the actual ring in his pocket (because it had fallen out of the box when he got out of the car!) So finally he pulls the other ring out (which has my great grandmother’s diamond in it) and asks me to marry him. All of this happened in a matter of seconds so after I said yes we just sat there and laughed about what just went down… for us, it was perfect. It was the best day of my life… so far!”

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